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Individual, couples and family therapies are paths to personal growth and development, and deeper connection to the Self, your partner, your family and your world. My approach to working with individuals, couples and families is guided by two beliefs: 1. that people do the best they can with the tools they currently have and 2. that connection to others is paramount to individual healing.

Often, the tools a person has are shaped by past relationships, experiences, circumstances in childhood, and experiences of painful events that were not of her or his choosing and the paths people take to adapt to these life events work well for them in one context but do not work well in another, and can lead to further pain and suffering. Patterns that people adopt are often not part of one’s conscious awareness. The goal of my work is to carefully explore both the origin and usefulness of these developed strategies or paths, and consider how they may be changed when they are causing harm.

We are born to connect with others. When the tools we use backfire and create an environment of disconnection, it is important to evaluate those tools and find new ways of being with others and with your self.

I utilize body-centered mindfulness techniques to guide clients to their own answers to and truth and to develop a deeper relationship with their own body wisdom and intuition. My approach is also informed by attachment and object relations theories as well as current research on trauma and its effects on the body, mind and spirit and current knowledge of neuroscience and emotional development.

I work with individuals, couples and families, of all genders and sexual orientations, who are in the midst of a life transition. This includes couples and families where a new child is being born or adopted, couples and individuals who are grieving miscarriage, abortion and/or infertility, adults who are grieving the death of a parent or parents, and individuals who are considering or have changed careers, or are re-entering the workforce after spending time at home caring for growing children and individuals asking themselves what’s next after an important life event (graduation, divorce, death of loved one, children growing older, to name a few), as well as individuals seeking to break patterns and habits that may have inhibited their success and happiness in the past.

I currently see clients in my Wallingford office on Sundays and select weekday evenings. I would love to meet with your for a free 30 minute consultation to get to know each other, answer any questions, and decide if we will be able to work together. I can be reached at 206.718.7340 or via email at gwynn@gwynnraimondi.com.

I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your journey..


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