Family transitions, loss and grief and personal journeys are all deeply intertwined. Each time there is a shift or change in the family, it deeply affects every member. Each individual has their own reaction and perceptions of the event, has their own grieving to do and will be changed in ways we often cannot predict.

When you are experiencing transitions and changes in your life, which includes the death of a relationship or a person, it alters the course of your own personal journey through this world. I focus my practice on helping you learn to navigate these changes, explore the emotions that are connected to them for you, dig into old stories that may affect your perceptions, and support and guide you to being the brilliant and unique person you were born to be.

To explore if my work could benefit you, your relationship or your family, I offer a free 30-minute consultation. During this time we can briefly discuss what is motivating you to come into therapy, what you hope to gain by it, how I work and the philosophies that guide me in my practice and in working with others.

To schedule, please call me at 206.718.7340 and I will return your call within 48-hours. Alternatively you may fill out the form below. I will respond your request withing 48 hours of confirmation.* (*Note: This form is a two step process, you will need to check your inbox/spam folder and confirm your request).

Please let me know if you are interested in in-person therapy or coaching session, would prefer a Skype or phone session or need a "traveling" session. I will respond to you within in the next 48 hours.




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